Managing Vertebrate Pests: Foxes

Introduced to Australia over 100 years ago as an animal for the hunt, the European red fox is now common through most of southern Australia and is one of the country’s most damaging pests. Foxes prey on native animals and are believed to be responsible for the decline or even extinction of several species. Foxes also kill newborn lambs and may cause significant losses on some farms. Managing Vertebrate Pests: Foxes is the first book to provide a comprehensive review of the history and biology of foxes in Australia, the damage they cause and community attitudes to fox management. Key strategies for successful fox control are recommended by the authors, who are scientific experts in fox management. The strategies are illustrated by case studies. Managing Vertebrate Pests: Foxes is an essential guide for policy makers, farmers, fauna reserve managers and all those interested in fox management.

The complete publication may be downloaded by clicking on the two PDF document titles in the table below.

  • The first Foxes – Foreword and Table of contents (12 pages, 220kb) contains the Foreword, Table of Contents, Acknowledgements, Abbreviations and Glossary section.
  • The second Managing Vertebrate Pests: Foxes (147 pages, 2MB) contains the rest of the publication from the Summary onwards.
Author Saunders, G., Coman, B., Kinnear, J. and Braysher, M
Date null
Year 1995
Place published City
Publisher Bureau of Rural Sciences
Institution Bureau of Rural Sciences
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Region Australia - national