Managing Vertebrate Pests: Rodents

In Australia, a number of rodent species are agricultural pests. Two species, the house mouse (Mus domesticus) and black rat (Rattus rattus), were introduced around the time of European settlement.
Several native rodent species may also be pests in some situations.

This book provides a comprehensive review of the biology of pest rodents in Australia, the damage they cause and community attitudes to these problems and their solutions. The authors, who are scientific experts in rodent management, recommend key strategies for successful rodent control which are illustrated by case studies.

Author Caughley, J., Bomford, M., Parker, B., Sinclair, R., Griffiths, J. and Kelly, D
Date null
Year 1998
Volume Table of Contents, Summary and Introduction
Place published City
Publisher Bureau of Rural Sciences
Institution Bureau of Rural Sciences
Pages 16
Notes Notes
Region Australia - national

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