National zoo biosecurity manual

The National Zoo Biosecurity Manual (NZBM) has been developed by veterinary leaders and advisors within the Australian zoo  industry to document best practice biosecurity measures currently  being adopted by the zoo industry. The Manual can be tailored by  zoos to suit their individual circumstances and can also be utilised as  a training tool, to assist zoos in educating staff on biosecurity  measures. The Manual acknowledges the wide range of  circumstances under which zoos within Australia operate in terms of  geographic location, species and numbers of animals held, work  practices and available resources. All zoos are encouraged to use the  information in this Manual to assess their own biosecurity risks,  and to develop and maintain an appropriate level of biosecurity for their premises.

A cooperative initiative between the Zoo and Aquarium Association, the Australian Wildlife Health Network, the Commonwealth  Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and the  Australian Zoo Industry.

Author Andrea Reiss and Rupert Woods
Year 2011
Pages 64
ISBN/ISSN ISBN 978-1-921575-16-7
Region Australia - national

National Zoo Biosecurity Manual [1.6 Mb PDF]