Participatory wild dog management: views and practices of Australian wild dog management groups

ABARES_coverAttacks by wild dogs (including dingoes, feral domestic dogs and hybrids) on livestock have an adverse effect on Australia’s agricultural production and agricultural communities. The objective of this project, undertaken for Australian Wool Innovation (AWI), is to examine the features of wild dog management groups, particularly in terms of landholder participation and collaboration, to identify what helps or hinders the groups in achieving coordinated and effective wild dog management.

People involved in wild dog management programmes represent varied interests and deal with significant social and economic effects of wild dog attacks. Collective attempts to tackle complex problems such as managing wild dogs have been shown to be influenced by how people participate, including: how they plan, record and analyse their activities; how they negotiate and make decisions; and who participates. The literature review for this project shows there has been limited research into collective action in wild dog management, and there was a need and opportunity to investigate current approaches by groups and the issues affecting them.

A number of key features of groups and their members that might influence effective wild dog management outcomes were identified for investigation drawing on the literature review. A qualitative approach, using a questionnaire to interview thirty representatives of wild dog management groups across Australia, was used to investigate these features, including:

  • group members’ views on the impacts of wild dogs (ecological, financial, social)
  • group composition and structure, and motivations for participating
  • perceived success of group activities and potential sources of conflict within the groups
  • coordination and collaboration.

The key findings of the study are summarised in this report.

Author Ecker, S, Aslin, H, Zobel-Zubrzycka, H & Binks, B
Year 2015
Publisher ABARES
Institution Department of Agriculture
Department Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES)
Pages 62
ISBN/ISSN ISBN: 978-1-74323-236-1

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