PestMaps provides access to various maps that report information on the occurrence, distribution and abundance of significant invasive animal species throughout Australia. The site provides quick reference to maps and information produced at many scales contributed by a number of groups, including the Invasive Animals CRC.

The aim of PestMaps is to promote access to existing published maps and information developed from previous projects, and to promote use of that information by a broad cross-section of interested end-users. PestMaps primarily contains information at national, state/territory, and regional scales (including natural resource management board or catchment authority) for the species listed below. In some instances, more accurate and up-to-date information may be available from relevant local, regional or state/territory authorities.

PestMaps currently contains many maps and data originally prepared for publication in: West, P. (2008). Assessing Invasive Animals in Australia 2008. National Land & Water Resources Audit and Invasive Animals CRC, Canberra. This site contains maps supplied from many sources, and in some cases, there are several types of maps for a given area/jurisdiction. We recommend you contact the author/data custodian if you require further information about any maps contained herein.

Warning: In viewing and interpreting maps contained in this website, please refer to any accompanying publication information or contact the data custodian/map author if you have any queries. We take no responsibility for use or interpretation of information reported in maps on this site.


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Species covered:

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Last updated: January 20, 2016

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