Policy on the Import, movement, and keeping of exotic vertebrate animals in South Australia

This Policy outlines a national approach within the context of Australian Government, State and Territory legislation to minimise the risks posed by the introduction, keeping and movement of exotic vertebrates. They follow national guidelines, which were published in 1991. The national guidelines recommend the development of appropriate State policies and strategies to prevent the establishment of new species that pose significant risk to the environment, primary production, or public safety. The adopted approach to managing exotic vertebrates is based on the principles for vertebrate pest management now accepted across Australian jurisdictions.

Author Animal and Plant Control Commission, SA
Date 01/03/1997
Year 1997
Publisher Animal and Plant Control Commission
Pages 68
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Region SA
Links https://www.dwlbc.sa.gov.au/assets/files/lbsap_polonentry_move_keep_exot.pdf