R-10479: Epidemiology of Bovine Tuberculosis in Wild Deer

The role of wild deer as host for bovine tuberculosis in New Zealand was investigated by Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research, Lincoln, for the Animal Health Board (Contract No. R10479), between July 1997 and June 2003.

The objectives of the project was to determine the relationships between deer and possum density and Tb-prevalence in wild deer populations. This was to be achieved by comparing trends in Tb-prevalence rates in wild deer from two areas subject to possum control and two areas where possums have not been controlled; and by determining the relationships between rates of infection in young (1-3 years old) female deer and the density of possums and deer within their likely home ranges.

Author Nugent, G. and Whitford, J.
Date 07/01/2003
Year 2003
Secondary title Landcare Research Contract Report
Place published City
Publisher Landcare Research
Pages 45
Notes Notes
ISBN/ISSN LC0203/165
Region NZ
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