R-10520 Trap catch of ferrets, using live and dead prey as lures

One possible reason why ferrets are not trappable during the period July to December is that they prefer live prey (juvenile rabbits) at this time of year. This hypothesis was investigated by Landcare Research for the Animal Health Board (Project R-10520) from March 2000 to June 2003.

The objective of the project was to identify cost-effective and practical means of killing a minimum of 80% of female ferrets in the rabbit-prone areas of the South Island, during late winter and spring. This was achieved by comparing the percentage of females caught in traps with live prey as lures with the percentage of females caught in traps with dead prey as lures, in late winter/spring and summer/autumn.

Author Byrom, A. E., Spurr, E. B., Morriss, G. A., Morse, C. W. and O'Connor, C. E.
Date 07/01/2003
Year 2003
Secondary title Landcare Research Contract Report
Place published City
Publisher Landcare Research
Pages 20
Notes Notes
ISBN/ISSN LC0203/144
Control method Trapping
Region NZ
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