Rapid response to new fish incursions

Some introduced freshwater fish species have had devastating impacts on Australia’s native freshwater fish species and other aquatic life and ecosystems. Introduced or ‘alien’ fish usually have a high rate of reproduction, broad environmental tolerances, and are difficult to manage. Prevention, preparedness, and incident response activities, (including quarantine/border control, risk assessments, training, containment, eradication) help stop new fish species from establishing populations in the wild. Waterway, biosecurity or fisheries managers can take a risk assessment approach to guide their decisions about how and when to respond to the discovery or an ‘incursion’ of a new fish species.

Produced by the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre as part of the PestSmart series.

Author Centre for Invasive Species Solutions
Year 2014
Publisher Centre for Invasive Species Solutions
Pages 2
ISBN/ISSN PestSmart code: PFFS4
Control method Integrated Pest Management
Region Australia - national
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