Risk assessment of birds foraging terrestrially at Marion and Gough Islands to primary and secondary poisoning by rodenticides

Efforts are now commonplace to rid islands of introduced rodents but what of the indigenous non-target species that might be affected? Observations on terrestrially foraging birds at Marion and Gough Islands in the Southern Ocean that are overun with alien house mice show that three indigenous land bird species will be at risk from either (or both) primary or secondary poisoning. It is therefore recommended that populations be first taken into temporary captivity for subsequent re-introduction following a poisoning exercise.

Secondary title Wildlife Research
Author Ross M. Wanless, John Cooper, Martin J. Slabber and Peter G. Ryan
Date 18/10/2010
Year 2010
Volume 37
Number 6
Institution University of Cape Town
Pages 524-530
ISBN/ISSN doi:10.1071/WR10005
Control method Poison / Toxin
Links https://dx.doi.org/10.1071/WR10005