Risk Assessments (DAFWA) for exotic reptiles and amphibians introduced to Australia – Boa constrictor (Boa constrictor)

Models for assessing the risk that exotic vertebrates could establish in Australia have been developed for mammals, birds (Bomford 2003; Bomford 2006, 2008), reptiles and amphibians (Bomford 2006, 2008; Bomford et al. 2005). These Risk Assessment models have been further explored by DAFWA to confirm that they reasonably predict public safety, establishment and pest risks across a full range of exotic species and risk levels.

This document describes a risk assessment conducted ONLY for the purposes of the report, for the Boa constrictor (Boa constrictor), assigned a DAFWA Threat Category of EXTREME, and an ‘Alternative Threat Category’ of EXTREME.

These categories and assignments have not been endorsed by the VPC.

Reptiles and amphibians were assessed for the risk they pose if introduced to Australia, by calculating DAFWA and Alternative Threat Categories. Assignment of DAFWA Threat Categories incorporated establishing populations in the wild and risk of causing public harm, and was based on the structure of the Australian Bird and Mammal Model, existing VPC conventions for assignment of threat categories and the precautionary approach. We also considered adverse impact factors and predicted effects on Australian native species and primary production to assign ‘Alternative Threat Categories’.

Author Amanda Page, Win Kirkpatrick and Marion Massam
Date 02/02/2008
Year 2010
Publisher Government of Western Australia
Institution Department of Agriculture and Food, WA
Department Department of Agriculture and Food, WA
Pages 16 pp
Notes DAFWA Threat Categories
Region Australia - national
Documents Risk Assessments (DAFWA) for exotic reptiles and amphibians introduced to Australia – Boa constrictor (Boa constrictor
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