Science for Decision Makers: Australia’s Pest Animals: New Approaches to Old Problems

At least 80 introduced animal species have established wild populations on mainland Australia. Some of these species – such as rabbits, foxes, feral pigs and feral cats – have become major pests of agriculture and the environment. In some situations, native species may be considered pests of agriculture or the environment, particularly where they have been introduced outside their natural range, or where their historical range and density has been enhanced by European settlement.

Science for Decision Makers is a new series published by the Bureau of Rural Sciences. It describes the latest developments in scientific advice, assessments or tools relating to agricultural, fisheries and forestry industries, including their supporting communities.
Its purpose is to make rural science more accessible to those needing to quickly understand the benefits and implications of the most recent research as a basis for decision-making.

Author Quentin Hart and Mary Bomford
Date null
Year 2006
Publisher Bureau of Rural Sciences
Pages 12
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Region Australia - national
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