Social impacts of wild dogs – a review of literature

This literature review forms part of a larger social research project, ‘Wild dog management in Australia — a landscape approach to management including pests, people and place’, funded by Australian Wool Innovation Ltd (AWI). The larger project aims to understand how wild dog management can support wool producers to remain in the industry. Specifically the project aims to examine the social impediments to managing wild dogs (here defined as covering all dogs living in the wild in Australia, including dingoes), and the support needed to implement coordinated and effective wild dog management plans.

This review of literature, governance arrangements and actions relating to wild dog management is designed to support the development of a social science research approach that can meet AWI’s objectives for increasing wool growers’ confidence in the sheep industry. This document identifies and reviews social aspects of wild dog management issues considered in published peer-reviewed literature, ‘grey’ literature, and media reports, as well as legislation directly relevant to wild dog management. This broad approach to the review acknowledges the relative lack of formal scientific literature, particularly peer-reviewed literature, about the human and social impacts of wild dogs and wild dog management in Australia.

Author Thompson L-J, Aslin H, Ecker S, Please P & Trestrail C
Year 2013
Place published Canberra
Publisher ABARES
Institution Australian Wool Innovation Ltd
Pages 76
Region Australia - national
Documents Social impacts of wild dogs - a review of literature   [1 Mb PDF]