Symposium on tuberculosis, Palmerston North, April 1991. Proceedings from a symposium organised by the New Zealand Veterinary Association

Experts from a wide variety of expertise have contributed to this symposium of the feral reservoir of bovine tuberculosis infection and how to deal with the problem. The first 8 papers deal with ecology, and there are 15 papers on epidemiology, disease prevalence in farmed and feral animals, diagnostic techniques and disease control and 9 chapters on disease eradication. There is a short subject index. Although the emphasis is on the situation in New Zealand and Australia, some papers on the role of badgers in bovine tuberculosis in the UK are also included. Tuberculosis in deer is also covered.

Author G. V. Petersen and R. Jackson
Year 1991
Volume 132
Place published Palmerston North
Publisher Massey University
Pages 293