Effects of a protein deficient diet and urea supplementation on lactating mares

Ecological and conservation programs in ecosystems around the world have experienced varied success in population management. One of the greatest problems is that human expansion has led to the shrinking […]

Habitat selection patterns of feral horses in southcentral Wyoming.

An ethogram of play behavior among equids was developed. Several key English-language studies on equids were reviewed to derive a preliminary inventory of specific behaviors to be included in the […]

The rate of passage of food residues through the digestive tract of the horse

The canine teeth of the horse developed phylogenically from the simple, pointed, short-rooted tooth form of the leaf eating, in pairs living, Eocene horse dagHyracotherium and served up to the […]

The proximate mechanisms of natal dispersal in female horses

Funding for biological research on feral horse populations is often motivated by political debate. Thus, research may start too late to contribute substantially to decisions about population monitoring and management, […]

Early experience affects developmental behaviour and timing of harem formation in Misaki horses

Herbivorous mammals affect the development of scrub to a varying extent; their influence depends on animal species and density. In the previous centuries, the area covered by scrub was limited […]

Genetic blood markers in Arabian, Barb and Arab-Barb horses in Morocco

This report is the first attempt to evaluate the magnitude of car accidents involving terrestrial mammals in Israel. With the cooperation of the Israeli insurance companies, we identified 351 accidents […]

Maternal investment into sons and daughters in horses.

Although management and conservation strategies continue to move toward broader spatial scales and consideration of many taxonomic groups simultaneously, researchers have struggled to characterize responses to disturbance at these scales. […]

Distinguishing cooperation from cohabitation: the feral horse case study

A relatively high rate of multiple ovulation and resulting multiple pregnancies are one of main problems in Thoroughbred reproduction. The aim of the study was to examine the relationship between […]

Parentage testing and linkage analysis in the horse using a set of highly polymorphic microsatellites

In mares kept under stable conditions, oestrus detection is mainly based on mare’s behaviour towards a teaser stallion. Weak or equivocal signs of oestrus in mares may be one of […]

Consequences of natal dispersal in female horses.

Livestock have grazed on salt marshes for centuries and have dramatic effects on marsh vegetation. Most studies examining the effects of livestock on salt marshes have focused on the effects […]