The development of a manufactured, canine-specific bait substrate

As part of a larger project aimed at developing a manufactured canine-specific bait, containing an enteric-coated 1080 tablet, 17 field trials comprising 17949 bait nights were conducted to test and produce a bait carrier. This paper summarises the development of the unpoisoned bait-substrate formulation to its present commercial stage.
Attractiveness (the baits’ ability to attract canines to the bait station) and palatability (whether or not the animal investigating the bait consumed it) were determined from spoor left at bait stations.
Results suggest that the unpoisoned commercial substrate is equally attractive and palatable to canines, when compared with fresh meat baits, yet reduces non-target bait removal by 49-71%.

Author L. Allen, P. Fleming, J. Thompson and K. Strong
Year 1991
Secondary title 9th Australasian Vertebrate Pest Conference
Place published Adelaide, South Australia
Pages 287-290
Control method Baiting
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