The Effect of Hunting with Dogs on the Numbers and Movements of Feral Pigs, Sus scrofa, and the Subsequent Success of Poisoning Exercises in Namadgi National Park, A.C.T.

A week-long hunting trial with dogs, Canis familiaris, to control feral pigs, Sus scrofa, in Namadgi National Park, A.C.T., did not cause the pigs to disperse from the area or adversely affect the success of two subsequent poisoning exercises. Hunting was generally not as effective in reducing pig numbers as poisoning with warfarin, but could be useful for obtaining samples of pigs for monitoring disease during the first few days of an exotic disease outbreak, and also for killing pigs that have survived other control methods.

Author McIlroy, J. C. and Saillard, R. J.
Date null
Year 1989
Secondary title Australian Wildlife Research
Volume 16
Number 3
Pages 353-363
Notes Notes
Region ACT