The uptake of dried meat baits by foxes and investigations of baiting rates in Western Australia

The uptake of dried meat baits by foxes (Vulpes vulpes) was measured in large-scale field trials using non-toxic baits containing the biomarker tetracycline. Baits were aerially delivered at nominal baiting rates of 5 baits km–2 (4 sites) and 10 baits km–2 (3 sites). The proportion of sampled adult foxes that had consumed the bio-marked baits ranged from 62 to 88% (mean 79.5%). Uptake of baits did not increase at the higher baiting rate. Bait uptake at the levels recorded in these trials would result in effective reductions in fox populations exposed to toxic baits. Bait uptake would have been sufficient to prevent the spread of rabies within fox populations at the densities occurring during the study, either by population reduction or in conjunction with oral vaccination.

Author Thomson, P. C., and Algar, D.
Year 2000
Secondary title Wildlife Research
Volume 27
Number 4
Pages 451-458
Control method Baiting
Region WA