Tolerance to Sodium Monofluoroacetate in Dasyurids from Western Australia

The tolerances to sodium fluoroacetate (1080) were estimated for Dasyurus geoffroii (LD50, ca. 7.5 mg 1080 kg-‘), D. hallucatus (ca. 7.5 mg kg-1), Antechinus flavipes (ca. 11.0 mg kg-1) and Phascogale calura (ca. 17.5 mg kg-1) from Western Australia and comparisons were made with D. viverrinus (ca. 1.5 mg kg-1) and A. flavipes (ca. 3.5 mg kg-1) from south-eastern Australia. The species from Western Australia have had evolutionary exposure to naturally occurring fluoroacetate and were more tolerant to the toxin than dasyurids from south-eastern Australia, Presumably, they have acquired this tolerance through feeding on prey which had fed on plants containing fluoroacetate.

Author King, D. R., Twigg, L. E. and Gardner, J. L.
Date null
Year 1989
Secondary title Australian Wildlife Research
Volume 16
Number 2
Pages 131-140
Notes Notes
Control method 1080 (sodium monofluoroacetate)
Region WA