Yaapeet Rabbit Action Plan

This project will arrest land degradation processes and rehabilitate mallee lands within a project area. Rabbits are identified as the main destabilising process and threat to conservation in the Mildura Region of the Department of Conservation and Environment (i.e. the Victorian Mallee).

The project will be in two phases. It will commence by the group purchasing a trailable 5 tyne ripper for the destruction of rabbit warrens. This ripper will be managed and shared by group members, supported by poison and fumigation programs, and will be instrumental in halting the degradation processes and promoting the self help group success in the area. Following this phase, the group will commence rehabilitation by revegetation of denuded dunes and the adoption of trash retention and conservation practices for improved soil erosion control and farm production. The initial phase, that of rabbit control is an important prerequisite.

Author Yaapeet Rabbit Action Group
Year 1992
Volume 01/01/1992 - 30/06/1995
Notes https://www.affa.gov.au/docs/nrm/landcare/pub/guide/indexes/key194.html
Control method Warren Ripping
Region VIC
Links https://www.affa.gov.au/docs/nrm/landcare/pub/guide/database/db930262.html