Map and monitor with MouseAlert

Stakeholders should be clear about what will be monitored during their program.

While the preceding steps cover what type of monitoring is to be done, there should also be discussion about exactly what information must be collected, and why. Some issues to consider before monitoring  begins include:

  • Who is the information for and how will they use it?
  • Who will gather the information?
  • Who will analyse the information?
  • What type of strategy will be put in place to ensure collected data  are promptly fed back (eg to landholders or agencies) in an appropriate and useful form?
MouseAlert aims at keep people informed about current mouse problems, improve early warnings, predict future plagues, and help farmers to protect their crops.
It only takes 45 seconds to record current mouse problems in MouseAlert to help raise awareness about mouse problems in your local area, to help farmers take steps to protect crops.

You can access MouseAlert via or download the ‘FeralScan’ App and follow the mouse prompts

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How to record:
  1. Register your Name, or simply record data using your email address.
  2. Record where you have seen mice, evidence, damage, and control actions.
  3. Submit your record, and view it on the website.
  4. View other sightings in your local area.

Peter West talks about using the MouseAlert app to monitor mouse activity in grain growing regions of Australia.

In this video Steve Henry talks about mouse monitoring, modelling and the MouseAlert app.

Feature image by Julianne Farrell