Black mangrove cichlid (Tilapia mariae)

The black mangrove cichlid is a deep-bodied fish native to West Africa1. It has a blunt or rounded head with red eyes that are often intersected by a dark band extending downwards toward the mouth. This tilapia species has a long, unbroken upper (dorsal) fin, which extends from above the gills to near the end of the tail fin and is often longer in males than females. In juveniles and sub-adults, this fin is shorter again, finishing half to two-thirds of the way along the length of the tail fin.

Fact sheet describing the biology and ecology of Tilapia mariae. Produced by the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions as part of the PestSmart series.

Author Centre for Invasive Species Solutions
Year 2012
Publisher Centre for Invasive Species Solutions
Pages 2 pp
ISBN/ISSN PestSmart code: TILFS1
Documents PestSmart Factsheet: Black mangrove cichlid (Tilapia mariae)    [330kb PDF]