Feral camel control methods humaneness matrix

Matrix showing the relative humaneness of feral camel control methods.

The ‘humaneness’ of a pest animal control method refers to the overall welfare impact that the method has on an individual animal. A relatively more humane method will have less impact than a relatively less humane method.

A model for assessing the relative humaneness of pest animal control methods <insert link here> (Sharp and Saunders, 2008) has been developed under the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy (AAWS). This model has been used to assess the humaneness of a variety of methods used to control pest animal species in Australia.

The humaneness matrix for feral camels was reviewed and updated by the Australian Feral Camel Management Project in 2013 (Figure below. See also report at link below).

The revised (2013) matrix for the relative humaneness of feral camel control methods