CAT001: Ground shooting of feral cats

Shooting is one of the main methods currently used for feral cat control however it is labour intensive and not considered an effective broad-scale control method. It may be of use in reducing the local number of feral cats or targeting problem animals. Shooting is usually done at night from a vehicle with the aid of a spotlight, but can also be conducted during the day. Drives or ‘battues’, using a line of beaters often with trained dogs, are sometimes used to flush feral cats out from vegetation.

Shooting can be a humane method of destroying feral cats when it is carried out by experienced, skilled and responsible shooters; the animal can be clearly seen and is within range; and, the correct firearm, ammunition and shot placement is used.

This standard operating procedure (SOP) is a guide only; it does not replace or override the legislation that applies in the relevant state or territory jurisdiction. The SOP should only be used subject to the applicable legal requirements (including OH&S) operating in the relevant jurisdiction.

Author Sharp, T.
Year 2012
Pages 6
Notes CAT001
Control method Shooting
Region Australia - national
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