DEE001: Ground shooting of feral deer

Most non-recreational ground shooting of feral deer in undertaken as part of culling programs in national parks and reserves. Such shooting is usually done at night from a vehicle, with the aid of spotlights. It is best suited to accessible areas where large numbers of deer congregate at night and where the impact of deer is greatest.

Shooting can be a humane method of destroying feral deer when it is carried out by experienced skilled shooter; the animal can be clearly seen and is within range; and, the correct firearm, ammunition and shot placement is used.

This standard operating procedure (SOP) is a guide only; it does not replace or override the legislation that applies in the relevent state or territory jurisdiction. The SOP should only be used subject to the applicable legal requirements (including OH&S) operating in the relevent jurisdiction.

Author Sharp, T.
Year 2012
Pages 6
Notes DEE001
Control method Shooting
Region Australia - national
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