Canid Pest Ejectors with sodium fluoroacetate (1080)

Also known as a CPE, the canid pest ejector has added a new dimension to traditional ground baiting.

The ejector consists of a stake to hold it in the ground, a piston mechanism and a capsule of 1080 solution that sits inside a bait head that is encased in meat to entice a feral predator, such as a wild dog or fox. When the feral predator pulls on the meat, it triggers the piston, which squirts or ejects the 1080 solution into the animal’s mouth.

Rob Hunt is a Senior Pest Officer with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. In this training video, Rob describes and demonstrates the Canid Pest Ejector for wild dog and fox control in Australia. Explaining how the CPE works, the associated bait types, how and where to set the CPE, and basic maintenance.

More information on CPEs will become available soon.