Animal Welfare Standards – Codes of Practice

To ensure that animals have access to a reasonable standard of welfare it is necessary to define what the minimum standard of care should be for an animal. To achieve good standards in animal welfare the ACT Government gazettes Codes of Practice. Codes of Practice can be recommended to the Government by the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee or by the department following a ministerial agreement for national standards to be implemented. The requirements of Codes of Practice must be met by all animal owners and animal users.
This website provides standard codes of practice for individuals involved in keeping vertebrate animals within the ACT and also for those involved in pest animal control within the ACT. Those individuals should also familiarise themselves with relevant aspects of the appropriate ACT legislation, including the Animal Welfare Act 1992, the Nature Conservation Act 1980, the Poisons Act 1933, the Pesticides Act 1989, Animal Diseases Act 1993, the Prohibited Weapons Act 1996, and the Firearms Act 1996.

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