Boosting Rabbit Control

In Australia, European rabbits have major impacts on agricultural productivity and the environment. The Threat abatement plan released by the Australian Government Department of the Environment in January 2016 found that rabbits are a significant threat to biodiversity, affecting 304 nationally threatened plant and animal species. Rabbits also impact agricultural productivity by $200 million a year.

In March of 2017, phase one of a 20 year long-term rabbit biocontrol pipeline strategy was implemented with the national release of a Korean strain of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus, known as RHDV1 K5.

This virus was released at more than 300 sites around Australia in March of 2017 and many release sites have reported seeing an observed decline in rabbit numbers on their property.

Preliminary analysis has shown a 36 per cent average reduction in wild rabbit numbers at sites where the new strain was released.

Now researchers are working on developing new approaches to complement existing viral biocontrols’, while investigating new conventional tools which can further boost rabbit control in Australia.

This is a long term strategic approach to rabbit control, however an integrated and multi-pronged approach to rabbit control is always recommended to achieve the best outcome from your management program.

Below are some further examples of control measures you can undertake to enhance rabbit population reductions in your area.

Rabbit control techniques


Poison baiting for rabbit control
This is a general video only. Please check with your local authority on any restrictions and requirements regarding the use of 1080 and Pindone in your area.

Rabbit warren fumigation
Fumigation should be undertaken where warrens cannot be ripped, or used as a follow-up tool to treat any re-openings that occur after ripping. Fumigation on its own is not enough to manage a rabbit population.

Rabbit warren ripping and harbour destruction
Warren ripping should be undertaken when rabbit numbers are at their lowest. For the majority of Australia this is late summer. If
rabbit numbers are high, then a baiting program should be undertaken before any ripping.

RHDV baiting on your site
The below video gives you information regarding the best practice techniques in how to achieve the best uptake of RHDV laced baits on your site.

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