Model code of practice for the humane control of feral pigs

The aim of this code of practice is to provide information and recommendations to vertebrate pest managers responsible for the control of feral pigs. It includes advice on how to choose the most humane, target specific, cost effective and efficacious technique for reducing the negative impact of feral pigs.

This code of practice (COP) is a guide only; it does not replace or override the legislation that applies in the relevent state or territory jurisdiction. The COP should only be used subject to the applicable legal requirements (including OH&S) operating in the relevent jurisdication.

Author Sharp,T. and Saunders,G
Date 01/11/2004
Year 2012
Publisher Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities
Institution Invasive Animals CRC
Pages 14
Notes Notes
Region Australia - national

Model code of practice for the control of feral pigs 2012 [500 kb PDF]