PIG001: Trapping of feral pigs

Feral pigs (Sus scrofa) have a significant impact on the environment and agricultural production and are a potential reservoir and vector of exotic diseases. Control methods include poisoning, trapping, exclusion fencing, ground shooting and shooting from helicopters. Commercial harvesters also use traps to capture pigs for export as wild boar meat.

Prior to trapping, free feeding of bait is offered at sites where pigs are active. After selecting a suitable site, a trap is then erected and free feeding is continued for a number of days before the trap is set. After pigs have been caught they are shot whilst still inside the trap. Good trapping techniques may enable whole groups of pigs to be caught at one time with minimal impact on non-target animals.

This standard operating procedure (SOP) is a guide only; it does not replace or override the legislation that applies in the relevant State or Territory jurisdiction. The SOP should only be used subject to the applicable legal requirements (including OH&S) operating in the relevant jurisdiction.

Author Sharp, T.
Date 20/12/2012
Year 2012
Pages 6
Notes PIG001
Control method Trapping
Region Australia - national
Links https://www.pestsmart.org.au/animal-welfare/humane-codes/
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