FoxScan goes multilingual to enhance uptake in Sydney region

In September 2015, fifteen southern Sydney Councils came together to develop a regional and coordinated approach to fox management.

The project aimed to study the behaviour of urban foxes, engage local communities and map the distribution of foxes in southern Sydney enabling fox control to be undertaken at strategic locations.

One of the councils in the region, Rockdale, undertook a community profile which acknowledged that more than 50% of the city’s population speaks a language other than English at home and close to 10% doesn’t speak English well or at all. 

With the support of Peter West, the Invasive Animals CRC FeralScan project leader, the councils are making great use of the FoxScan community mapping resource, and have developed their own Southern Sydney FoxScan homepage and map – available from

foxscan chineseTo enhance the uptake and accessibility of the fox mapping resource in the community, Peter arranged for the FoxScan website homepage to be translated from English into four other different languages (Greek, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Chinese). 

The Southern Sydney councils also developed a variety of promotional materials in different languages as well to assist in promoting the resource to the community.

Through making this resource more accessible, the community has been more encouraged to record and map sighting of foxes and fox impacts in the area, assisting the councils in being able to tailor management and control to the areas which need it most, keeping the public, pets and native wildlife safe.

Participating Councils are: Ashfield, Auburn, Bankstown, Canada Bay, Canterbury, City of Sydney, Hurstville, Kogarah, Marrickville, Randwick, Rockdale, Strathfield, Sutherland and Waverley.

The Southern Sydney Feral Foxes project is supported by Sydney Coastal Councils Group through funding from the Australian Government.

To record foxes in your local area, or download the FoxScan App (available in Apple and Android), go to: