Rabbits: a threat to conservation and natural resource management

It takes less than one rabbit per hectare to prevent the successful regeneration of many of our common native trees and shrubs. This means that many rabbit-infested patches of remnant native vegetation can’t sustain themselves naturally and are in slow decline – but unfortunately this often goes unnoticed.

Whether you are a land-owner who conserves some uncleared woodland on the farm or belong to a Landcare group managing vegetation along a roadside, this quick assessment method will help you decide if rabbits are a problem and what action you need to take. National Park managers will also find this a useful tool for alerting them to problems.

Author Brian Cooke, Steve McPhee and Quentin Hart
Date null
Year 2008
Secondary title How to rapidly assess a rabbit problem and take action
Place published Place Published
Publisher Bureau of Rural Sciences
Pages 16 pp
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Region Australia - national

Rabbits: a threat to conservation & natural resource management (3Mb PDF)